Is Medicaid a Good Option for me?

image1You may be asking yourself if Medicaid is right for you, solet me first start off by explaining what Medicaid is. Medicaid is a national health care program that helps pay for medical services for certain low-income people. If eligible for Medicaid, it will only be paid to the health care providers. These providers must take Medicaid or else you will be responsible for the bill.
Now that you know what Medicaid is, let’s talk about whether or not you are eligible. If you are blind, aged, disabled, SSI eligible, cost of living recipient, disabled adult child, or Widow(er), you may be eligible. Of course there are more in depth questions that you may need to answer in order to know your eligibility. These requirements are as follows:
• Blind—less than 20/200 vision, or someone who has a limited visual field of 20 degrees or less while wearing eyeglasses.
• Aged—People who are 65 years old and older
• Disabled—Someone who is unable to work due to a serious physical or mental condition that has lasted, or is expected to last, one year or longer.
• SSI Eligible—people who are SSI eligible are automatically eligible to receive Medicaid
• Cost of living Recipient—Those who are currently receiving Social Security benefits that have lost their SSI eligibility because of a Social Security “cost of living” increases.
• Disabled Adult Child—Disabled individuals over 18 years who have lost SSI benefits because of an increase in their Security benefits.
• Widow(er) —Recipients of Social Security Widow(er) insurance benefits who don't receive Medicare.
image2A few more requirements are income & resources, citizenship & residency, and accepting other benefits. If the requirements were met, you may be eligible for benefits for up to three months even before the month you applied. Be sure to apply today!

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